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Why Us?

We view pest control in the same way as going to a medical doctor specializing in your type of infection. The specialists can dispense the precise medication if the cause of the complaint is found.

This is precisely why we created the concept of Pest Control Doctors who are highly qualified specialists in their fields. At SaniEx, our “doctors” treat your home the same way! They are proficient in identifying different species of household pests and where they breed. The specific dosage is administered according to the type and severity of infestation. Our doctors endeavor to avoid the excessive use of pesticides in order to protect you and your home from overexposure.

Our pest control technicians have completed extensive training and earned the Dubai Municipality licenses. Before they are dispatched to answer your call, we make sure that they are prepared and briefed about the services you require, and they will arrive at your home with a single objective – to do the job right the first time.


What We Offer

Saniservice follows a strict set of protocols and methodologies that earned the company the prestigious ISO 9001, 14001 and 95001 from the top certifying body Bureau Veritas.

Our Pest Control Expert will visit your home right on time and conduct the inspection. And at the end of the day, we will provide a full report with images of the pest infestation. You will also receive a quotation for the specialized treatment plan your home requires to eliminate the infestation.

Our highly advanced tools will utilize radar technology to detect termites without physically penetrating or causing any damage to your house. The non-polarized sensors perform both horizontally and vertically to provide comprehensive coverage of termite detection.

Our trained experts will work on creating the best treatment plan that is customised to the exact need, keeping in mind to use the minimum quantity of chemicals.

We provide a comprehensive 3-year warranty that includes re-performing the service if termites return during the warranty period.

Saniservice is the only disinfection company
trusted by some of the region's biggest brands.
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Your privacy is important to us. Read our Privacy Policy.